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  • Andrea Moschetti

Top Management: Executive Chairman

Board of Directors: Executive Chairman

After obtaining his law degree from the University of Bologna, Andrea Moschetti opened his own legal firm in 1999, which he ran as a practicing civil lawyer for thirteen years.
In March 2012, the new ownership appointed him Executive Chairman of FAAC Group, entrusting him with the task of representing shareholder interests and guiding the company through a challenging transition phase.
In addition to his role as Executive Chairman, he also acts as trustee, delegated executive, and, since 2015, trust member.
In addition to his work at FAAC Technologies, Moschetti is an advisor and board member of numerous companies, including Medica SpA and Focchi SpA, as well as of national foundations and societies dedicated to supporting local initiatives, economic development, and human empowerment, including the Atesino Development Institute (ISA – Istituto Atesino di Sviluppo) and the Foundation of Policlinico Sant’Orsola Hospital.