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  • Leonardo Salcerini

Board of Directors: Board member

Leonardo Salcerini graduated with a law degree and an MBA from SDA Bocconi, Milan. From 2000, he has been the managing director of Toyota Material Handling Italy, a subsidiary of Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), and was awarded Best Manager of Toyota Europe in 2019. He also serves as Chairman of the Toyota Academy and Logistics Solutions.   
Beyond his responsibilities with the Toyota group, he is a member of the FAAC Technologies Board of Directors, as well as a member of ABIE (Confindustria Board of Directors for Foreign Investments in Italy).
A respected expert in sales & marketing, lean management, and results analysis, Leonardo is author of Il successo Continuo – L’eccellenza di Toyota dalla Via Emilia all’Europa (The Success Continues –Toyota’s Excellence from Via Emilia to Europe), a book describing the evolution of Toyota Material Handling in Italy, published by Hoepli Press.