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  • Luigi Pasquali

Corporate Functions: Chief Operations Officer

Luigi Pasquali graduated from the University of Bologna with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, automation and robotics.
During his professional career, he has acted in managerial roles at the Italian Ministry of Defense (Plant Production Manager) and at SICA, an Italian pipe equipment manufacturer (Special Machinery Area Manager). 
He joined FAAC Technologies in 2000 as Head of Mechanical Design, where he presided over the skills development of the engineering team, as well as the coordination and supervision of project and innovation operations and the redesign of business processes. 
He acted as Lean & Strategic Operations Director from 2019–2021, presiding over change management, project management and continuous improvement, until being appointed as Chief Operations Officer in 2021, where he currently oversees the management of the company’s industrial footprint, acquisitions, supply chain, and lean office.