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  • Marcello Margotto

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Remuneration and Nomination Committee: Member

Marcello Margotto graduated from University of Bologna with a degree in business and economics. He is the chartered certified accountant, auditor, and founder of Margotto & Partners, an accountancy firm specialized in fiscal, corporate, and business consulting.
Margotto serves as Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors within several companies, as well as a member of the Board of Directors within numerous industrial groups, including FAAC Technologies and FAAC Partecipazioni Industriali, Interpump Group, and Immagine Ritrovata.  
In 2008 he founded RD Team, a company specialized in obtaining subsidies, grants, and tax credits for innovative SMEs, large enterprises, business networks, start-ups, R&D projects, SME-based innovation, and Industry 4.0.
His experiences over the course of his career have allowed him to refine his skills in areas of corporate law, company and industrial group taxation, tax credits and subsidies, M&A, and extraordinary transactions.