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Our Culture

In love with mechanics since 1965

We are in love with what we design and produce. In the world of FAAC Technologies, all of us – engineers, production specialists, sales professionals – make the heart of our products beat. Cutting-edge solutions resulting from a constant dialog with our clients and a constantly evolving expertise in the fields of mechatronics, hydraulics, the IoT and software development.

In love with our Vision & Mission

From a small local firm to an international group present in 29 countries. This is our ambition: to be a worldwide leader in high performance solutions for access and mobility needs.


But that’s not all: we want to do this in a sustainable way.

The respect of our colleagues and clients, adherence to the highest ethical standards and the consideration we have for the environment and the communities in which we live are in fact the only way for us to guarantee a valuable relationship with all our stakeholders.

In love with our values

People who join FAAC Technologies choose to do so because they recognize and embrace our values:



Social Responsibility










At FAAC, results matter. Behavior matters. Values matter.

In love with how we work

Whether it is in our R&D or in our production department, we like what we do and… how we do it.


the “lean” methods we apply enable us to design and produce technological solutions with a reduced time to market, as efficiently as possible and, above all, keeping the customer in the center of the process at all times.

Listen to our Research&Development specialists in our headquarters in Bologna. You will find out what Obeya Rooms are and find out more about our work methods close-up… as well as where we have lunch every day.

Are you interested in the world of production and the supply chain? In this video, we take you to find out more about one of our most important factories, the one in Bulgaria: meet our team in Tutrakan!

In love with the world

Do you know how many people FAAC Technologies employs? 3.600 employees across the globe.

Each one of us is an important part of the Group: from Australia to South Africa, Brazil and Canada, the United States and India, we are present in 29 countries with more than 50 legal entities

Our staff:


Production and Logistics

Colleagues who manufacture our products every day, of whom 46% are women


Sales and Distribution

professionals who manage and assist our customers


Research and development

technicians and engineers who develop our solutions


Corporate Functions

functions who support our business, compliance and process quality, infrastructure (Finance, HR, Legal, IT, etc.)

In love with your development

We are enthusiastic about promoting the development of our people. The growth of our male and female employees is the growth of FAAC Technologies.

Read the bios of our Leadership Team in Our Executive Committee.

But above all, check immediately if there are any positions of interest to you in section Careers!